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United Kingdom
Full, clean driving licence held

Employment History (16 Years, 10 Months)

Lead Graphics Engineer
NaturalMotion London
6 Agar Street, London, WC2N 4HN

Leading the Graphics Team on CSR Racing 2.

  • Authoring and delivery of Unite2016 talk.
  • Backlog, roadmap, strategy authoring & enactment.
  • Line management, hosting graphics meetings & game graphics review sessions.
  • R&D sandbox project, GFX tech improvements.

Senior Graphics Programmer
NaturalMotion London
6 Agar Street, London, WC2N 4HN

Building core graphics tech for the release of CSR Racing 2.

  • Authoring and delivery of GDC2016 talk.
  • Creation of hybrid based IBL tech & emulated HDR solution
  • Authored library of car uber shaders, including paint approximations
  • Novel car liverying solution, post processing, VFX, PFX, headlights ...
  • Low end device support
  • Profiling, optimisation, pipeline & tooling improvements

Graphics Programmer
Sony SCEE London
15 Great Marlborough Street, Westminster, London, W1F 7

Working as a Graphics Programmer on the New SingStar and the Book of Spells project. Skills gained include:

  • Creation and iteration of a Particle Engine
  • Building of post filter and Augmented Reality systems
  • Accelerated frame encode/decode, colour conversion etc
  • Tool and pipeline creation/iteration
  • System profiling and optimisation, debugging

UI/Gameplay Programmer
Sony SCEE London
15 Great Marlborough Street, Westminster, London, W1F 7

Primarily worked on UI/gameplay for Everybody Dance project skills gained included:

  • Working in a small team rapidly prototype new game ideas with timeframes measured in weeks
  • Creation of screen components, visuals and behaviours
  • Graphical debugging and engine optimisation

Experienced Programmer
Codemasters Software Co. Ltd
Codemasters Campus, Stoneythorpe, Southam, Warrickshire, CV47 2DL

Four AAA titles produced while working in the racing studio’s front end team - “Colin McRae: DiRT”, “Race Driver: GRID” “DiRT 2” and "DiRT 3". Some of the tasks worked on include:

  • Screen and component creation, front-end technology development, maintenance, bug fixing, disc building etc
  • Demo development
  • Securom and Starforce software protection integration
  • Project management, task cost estimation, meeting organisation, report writing, agile development

Commercial Projects

Singstar Ultimate Party
WonderBook: Book of Spells
DanceStar Party
Colin McRae: DiRT2
Race Driver: GRID
Colin McRae: DiRT

Education and Qualifications

Queen Mary, University of London
BSc, Computer Science, 2:1
  • Operating Systems (DCS218)
  • Specifications and Reasoning (DCS219)
  • Graphical User Interfaces (DCS224)
  • Database Systems (DCS225)
  • Network Systems Architecture (DCS228)
  • Software Engineering (DCS235)
  • Systems Analysis (DCS310)
  • Procedural Programming (DCS100)
  • Language and Communication (DCS103)
  • Object Orientated Programming (DCS104)
  • Computer Architecture (DCS111)
  • Discrete Structures (DCS117)
  • Computers and Society (DCS124)
  • Logic and Proof (DCS125)
  • Algorithms and Data Structures (DCS128)
  • High Performance Computing (DCS306)
  • Computer Graphics (DCS314)
  • Artificial Intelligence (DCS326)
  • Algorithms and Data Complexity (DCS333)
  • Computer Science Project (DCS334)
  • Software Risk Assessment (DCS337)
  • C++ for Image Processing (DCS339)
Ardleigh Green College
Distinction Diploma, Computer Science


Online courses/presentations/articles/blogs, self help books, gym, travelling, learning Spanish, playing guitar and a good bourbon with friends.

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