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University Final Year Project

Flashfire is the biggest personal project I have worked on to date; it took nearly a whole year in total to finish. I developed the game for my final year project for my BSc Computer degree and had to do quite a bit of extra-curricular research to get the knowledge I needed to get the game made. At the end of the project I had to do a marked presentation of my game and explain the project from start to finish in a clear, concise manner.

Feature List

Skills gained/developed

When I look back at Flashfire I am left wishing I could have put more into it, fixed a few bugs, polished a bit more yet I am often truly amazed at the amount I got done in the time given. It was really only after Flashfire that I started to appreciate the amount of hours that go into creating even simple games let a known the AAA titles of the mainstream game industry. I am proud of Flashfire and I often look back and laugh at how lucky I was to be able to work on something that I love for my final year project.


Download: Report.zip
Download: Flashfire.zip

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