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Liam Murphy is currently a Lead Graphics Engineer (Senior Engineering Manager 3) leading the Graphics Team on CSR2 Racing in the NaturalMotion London Studio. CSR2 is a top grossing iOS/Android free to play racing game with arguably some of the best visuals in the industry.

Liam has delivered two talks, links here: GDC2016 and Unite2016.


Graduating from Queen Mary's University in London back in 2006, he has has since worked with NaturalMotion, Sony and Codemasters for over a decade to create eight global AAA-title hits...

"Graphics is a field which awes me and inspires me to do what I do - and to love what I do; a rare thing to be able to say. Its depth and breadth perpetuates my hunger to learn more; through R&D, blogs, articles, talks, conferences and on social media. In work, I'm a strong believer in the need to deliver work which stands out, but to do so efficiently meeting the spectrum of key requirements. To innovate, and solve the hardest challenges consistently, hard work and persistence are not enough. Open-minded and diverse group intelligence will deliver the best results. In a performant team we can achieve far greater things and learn from each other. I believe in investing in the team, the culture and the shared ambition and vision of the project. I want us to be proud of what we've done, what we do and what we will do."

Overview of some of key skills developed:

LeadershipStrategy & vision, culture & pillars, mentoring, risk management, priority rebalancing.

ManagementRoadmapping, task breakdowns & estimations, scheduling, agile sprints, line management, 1:1's & performance reviews, recruitment, interviews & onboarding.

Tech evangelismConferencing, studio-wide game visual reviews, content sharing.

Rendering TechScalable car paints & multi-layered shaders, PBR pipeline development, IBL & BRDF iteration, post processing, particle engines, face/object tracking & AR etc.

RenderingCPU & GPU profile guided optimisation, tool development, glitch debugging, OS/chipset workarounds, scalable & multi-platform tech dev from prototype to release.

Gameplay/UIScreen/component/state machine development, input handling, serialisation.


Liam enjoys watching online courses/presentations/articles/blogs, self help books, gym, travelling, learning Spanish, playing guitar and a good bourbon with friends.

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